Gaz 6000W
Gaz 6000W
Gaz 6000W

Gaz 6000W

Affordable and easy to install hydronic heating for your home

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At a glance

  • 30 kw heating capacity only in NG and LPG
  • Designed for simple external installation.
  • Standard energy efficient design
  • Advantages of Hydronic heating at budget price point

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Bosch Quality

With a strong history in innovation and quality, we pride ourselves on our Bosch heritage, striving to meet the highest standard synonymous with our values. Take advantage of this technology at a budget price point.

Asthma approved heating, The sensitive choice

Bosch hydronic heating systems are the perfect choice for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. With no ducts to trap dust particles and no heated air to blow dust around, the Bosch hydronic system provides clean, radiant warmth for your home and is the only hydronic system approved by the National Asthma Council Australia's Sensitive Choice program

Reliability and service guaranteed, No compromises

All Bosch boilers are produced with maximum care and high quality materials. Every boiler is tested before it leaves our factory. Bosch has been operating in Australia for over 50 years ensuring spare parts and service peace of mind.

Installation flexibility and options.

The GAZ 6000w boiler is available in 30 kw heating system boiler and gas types NG and LPG. Supplied ready to hang on the wall in a purpose built external weather proof box. Only available for external applications. Bosch controllers work in conjunction with the boiler to maximise performance and efficiency.

Why Hydronic Heating?

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