Condensing Boiler

Superior efficiency with intelligent design

Condensing boilers are over 90% energy efficient, perfect for the environmentally-minded and those looking to save money. Intelligent controllers can be used for increased efficiency while modulating pump reduces electricity consumption by up to 30%.

Condens 5000W
Condens 5000W
  • German Engineered
  • Condensing technology saves on running costs
  • Over 90% energy efficient
  • Easy to use advanced controllers available for ultimate user experience
Condens 5000W
Condens 5000W
  • Condensing technology with up to 110% net efficiency
  • High turn down with modulation down to 15.6kW (50 and 65kW versions) and 19kW (80 and 100kW versions)
  • Extremely compact space-saving cascades (400kW in just 1m²)
  • Compatible with intelligent, modular Energy Management System controls and BMS interfaces