Condens 5000W Commercial

Condens 5000W Commercial

Efficient, condensing technology in a high output boiler

At a glance
  • Condensing technology with up to 110% net efficiency
  • High turn down with modulation down to 15.6kW (50 and 65kW versions) and 19kW (80 and 100kW versions)
  • Extremely compact space-saving cascades (400kW in just 1m²)
  • Compatible with intelligent, modular Energy Management System controls and BMS interfaces

Despite being available in only two sizes (70kW and 100kW), the boilers can be easily combined in any combination of 2 to 8 boilers either in-line or back-to-back, using our cascade kits.

The innovative cascade design used with the Condens 5000W high output range means that it is particularly installation-friendly, reducing installation time and cost.

Technical data
Net weight
Part number
GC 5000W
90.88 kg
GC 5000W
90.88 kg
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